"The Camp Flare"  courtesy of George Capton



Somewhere in Alberta, between Brooks and Hanna

just a few miles N.W. of Cessford.


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Above is a picture of Camp.  Well most of Camp.  Missing from the picture are the three houses on the left side as well as a boulevard and the entrance in to the Camp.   This picture is taken from a tower at the Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas plant.


As far as I can figure, the camp was established in 1958 with 20 houses for the families of the Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas company employees, and 5 houses for Alberta Gas Trunkline. (2 of which were moved out, and one sold to HBO&G)  Also was a house for, what I believe was the administrator for HB, and a dormitory for the single men. 

The water came from Berry Creek it was pumped into reservoir  in spring and summer shut off in winter.  The sewer I believe was pumped into lagoon, also a  separate water line ran down back yards supplying water for gardens.  (Which we learned you didn't want to drink from)  Gas for houses came from the gas plant, and there was gas supplied to incinerators  in back yards, one was jointly used by four houses. ---Thanx to Mr. Capton for this info.


What community would be complete without a community hall?  Well there was one of those here too.  It was the home to children's concerts, movies, and of course those parties that the kids never got to go to on New Years Eve...or whatever the occasion might have been.  In the yard of the hall was the playground and next to that was the skating rink.  Check out the pages of pictures as pictures tell the story...enjoy.  I hope I bring you a happy memory or two.

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Ok...enough of the details....What is this website for????  Well, I just find it sad to think that this place where so many of us spent some wonderful years is now simply gone.  Bull dozed under, or however they got rid of it, it is gone...given back to the brown grass of the prairie. I want to have this as a small tribute to our home.   

Eventually I would like to do pages on some of the families that lived here...but I need help. Please email me pictures and story's and remembrances of your stay at camp.  

email to larrybaird.ca@gmail.com  and please put "Cessford" in the subject line.





by Dale Baird, 1973

Many a time I have travelled this road

Through hot and cold, wet and dry.

When the fields were being ploughed and sowed.

Travelled over its roughness, never asking why

that's the truth without a lie.


I have travelled this road in every season

In the spring, summer, winter and fall.

Through rain, snow, hail and wind with a reason.

To see the doctor, or shop, to play hockey or ball.

I travelled this road with no trouble at all.


I have seen many animals along this road

they have been both tame and wild.

Stopped on a quiet night you can hear a distant toad.

The antelope and deer both so tender and mild

At which the farmers never seem to get riled.


Also many vehicles I have met along the way

from Datsuns to cattle liners and the odd oil rig.

there were van, tankers and trucks loaded with hay

Even condensate trucks so long and big

And the odd truck hauling and auctioned pig.






by the "Wives of the Hardhats" 

As you leave the camp behind you

After many years or few,

No matter what your feelings are

You'll miss a few that's true!


For in this home of oil,

On the prairie hot and dry

You get out of life what you put in

No matter what you try!


And as you leave behind you

Your friends and neighbours too,

The very best of everything

Is being sent with you!