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Royals and gangsters and spies, oh my!
This ain't no yellow brick road!


Reviews from amazon customers:

"If history class was this fun I would've paid a lot more attention.  The story seamlessly blends history with the fictional exploits of Bernice and Hilda and is a perfect follow up to the Bernice Papers.  Quite interesting lives these ladies had.  So far fetched and yet so believable.  Loved it!!"


"I just love this author's work!  Such a different out look on the lives of Hilda and Bernice, lived in the same time set.  I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next."



About 'Bernice and Hilda: The Schmermonger Papers':

'The Bernice Papers' left many unanswered questions. 
After years of painstaking research;
in the new book 'Bernice and Hilda: The Schmermonger Papers',
Larry Baird has some of the answers.

How did Hilda and Bernice meet?
How did best friends become enemies?
Was Hilda just born bad?
What really caused Bernice's leg to fall off?

Follow these magnificent, strong women
from childhood to stardom;
and discover how they are connected to some of the
most important people of the first half of the 20th century.

Plus, now there is a new name in the story;
who the heck is Rosabelle?

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Read 'The Bernice Papers' first.

Then read the follow-up book
"Bernice & Hilda:  The Schmermonger papers"

Or contact Larry for a signed copy
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