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(animal photo's)

all images are copyrighted by Larry Baird

Hi-res Images are available for purchase by contacting Larry: larrybaird.ca@gmail.com



Greeting cards never go out of style.  Get a hi-res photo on a greeting card and show a loved one that they are worth the price of a stamp.  

$5.00 per card.   Shipping costs depend on where you are.

Cards are approx 5"x7" Blank inside.  Photo is on glossy photo paper glued to the front of the card.  Photo's vary in size.



Mandrill2aaaWR.jpg (180980 bytes)




Bighorn1WR.jpg (53521 bytes)




Lion2aa14WR.jpg (58678 bytes)




goat1AAWR.jpg (46243 bytes)




Gorilla2aa15WR.jpg (29459 bytes)




Pemguin1aaWR.jpg (36554 bytes)




Buffalo1WR.jpg (56646 bytes)----Buffa15BaaaWR.jpg (64170 bytes)




PeacockNew-1WR.jpg (59151 bytes)




eleph11WR.jpg (47088 bytes)




GoatBW11WR.jpg (40802 bytes)




sheep1WR.jpg (55913 bytes)




Flamingo1WR.jpg (42399 bytes)




Flam1AWR.jpg (78957 bytes)




Tiger11WR.jpg (38774 bytes)




Peng1DAWR.jpg (69411 bytes)




wrGoatCU.jpg (62329 bytes)




DFly1aWR.jpg (76200 bytes)




wrzebra1aJPG.jpg (56121 bytes)






Butterfly1wr.jpg (38184 bytes)

Butterfly2wr.jpg (45167 bytes)

Butterfly4wr.jpg (51240 bytes)

Butterfly3wr.jpg (49063 bytes)







WaxWngWR.jpg (56578 bytes)-WaxWing

Clark'sNutCracker-Bird1sm.jpg (63863 bytes)

Robin2aaWR.jpg (94865 bytes)-Robin

Crows-wr5crows.jpg (62627 bytes)






gorilla1aWR.jpg (51866 bytes)




GirrafeLG.jpg (36968 bytes)




Hippo LG.jpg (59588 bytes)




Peacock1WR.jpg (89083 bytes)

PeacockCUsm.jpg (65897 bytes)






reindeer1.jpg (80500 bytes)






redpand1.jpg (44627 bytes)





eleph1Asm.jpg (65664 bytes)





wrPenguinCU2.jpg (27599 bytes)----wrPenguinCU3.jpg (69603 bytes)






















More to come